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Managed to compile the version of . Looking good so far but a bit buggy

Finished watching Pachiko and it was really good at least from my point of knowledge of the Korean/Japanese history which is near nothing

now that the TILDE WHIRL SECRET DECODER RING is live, I can share this secret message with you!!

yks toe pmelatf tjd a face yks

(shhh, the key is "tilde whirl")

There is something odd with my latest install I get like +3h battery life for free (compared to arch or void). Didn’t setup tlp or stuff like that. For once when my system is idle it really is :) Simplicity is the key I suppose

Think you make pretty efficient use of your computing hardware? Because I just visited a gemini capsule running on an ESP8266 that is also serving as a temo and humidity sensor for a mushroom farm.

Back on Slackware for a bit of fresh air. It was the distro that introduced me to Linux back in the 90s. Still as good as I remembered it!

The Antic Cyber Graphics Software and the Pre-history of Autodesk 3D Studio and Discreet 3ds max

"It's my sincere hope that you will join me in seeing past all of the dick-rocket memes and Musk's ridiculous cult following for the true potential of the Starship program. This is a profound effort which offers the only chance we've ever seen to undertake what might be one of the most important changes in human history: the development of a space-faring, multi-planetary society."
gemini:// (gemini exclusive apparently)
cc #space #SpaceX

look, it is a little mercury-ish client running on Mac OS 9.

I've implemented just the minimal happy path, but it works!

Done in couple lines of Revolution (aka LiveCode)

#mercury #gemini #SmallWeb

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A Plan 9 oriented server.