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The Antic Cyber Graphics Software and the Pre-history of Autodesk 3D Studio and Discreet 3ds max

"It's my sincere hope that you will join me in seeing past all of the dick-rocket memes and Musk's ridiculous cult following for the true potential of the Starship program. This is a profound effort which offers the only chance we've ever seen to undertake what might be one of the most important changes in human history: the development of a space-faring, multi-planetary society."
gemini:// (gemini exclusive apparently)
cc #space #SpaceX

look, it is a little mercury-ish client running on Mac OS 9.

I've implemented just the minimal happy path, but it works!

Done in couple lines of Revolution (aka LiveCode)

#mercury #gemini #SmallWeb

@kensanata looks like your gopher hole is having issues, I can't see any page

I have C, python, lua among other languages at my disposal, let's try to make a smol web thing. A finger client should be a nice first program

friends does a package or a fancy config allows read/write to a google calendar? Like I’d love to accept a meeting from mu4e and get reminders

Can I use NFTs instead of a license yet? Imagine selling commits 👹

"The True Frownies are the Friends We Made Along the Way: An Anecdote of Emacs's Malleability" a great talk by @acdw

Sadly couldn't post this toot from because of a bug, that's a good time to try to fix his :)

Started using org-roam as a second brain and journaling tool. This is pretty nice so far

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A Plan 9 oriented server.