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@kensanata looks like your gopher hole is having issues, I can't see any page

I have C, python, lua among other languages at my disposal, let's try to make a smol web thing. A finger client should be a nice first program

friends does a package or a fancy config allows read/write to a google calendar? Like I’d love to accept a meeting from mu4e and get reminders

Can I use NFTs instead of a license yet? Imagine selling commits 👹

"The True Frownies are the Friends We Made Along the Way: An Anecdote of Emacs's Malleability" a great talk by @acdw

Sadly couldn't post this toot from because of a bug, that's a good time to try to fix his :)

Started using org-roam as a second brain and journaling tool. This is pretty nice so far

If your post about a #lowtech construction links towards amazon pages to find components, I think you haven't understood what lowtech is 😒

"I will pay you cash to delete your #npm module" ~

"I do hope that this idea strikes fear in the hearts of any #node developers that read it, and in other programming language communities which have taken after npm. What are you going to do if one of your #dependencies vanishes? What if someone studies the minified code on your website, picks out an obscure dependency they find there, then bribes the maintainers?"

I've come up with an amazing new idea, tangible NFTs, you can hang them on the wall or whatever

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A Plan 9 oriented server.