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This is a neat notebook page on music trackers.

Sometimes I miss the days back in the 90s when I would screw around with harvesting all the samples from my favorite Amiga mods and hacking together my own tunes with a MIDI Casiotone keyboard as input.

Weirdly open and tinkery way to make music, if you liked a thing in a song just view source and figure out how they did it.

Can’t achieve anything these days, too much meetings, so little outcome…

Facial recognition poses important threats to privacy and yet, it’s already being publicly deployed for surveillance purposes.

Join us and ask the EU to ban facial recognition:

Trying out some markup to conversions. Not great but I'm sure there is a cool use-case

@raichoo hello I wondered do you have a tool or something for handling screen-idle and hikari? Like dimming and locking.

V looks impressive never heard of it and it has so many features and libs already 😳

Finally got around to writing down some audio programming tips for the musically inclined trying to learn, based on my own personal experiences and struggles learning how to do it myself:

Hey people I need to redo my config, where do I start? Package.el, cask, use-package, straight.el, something else? I just need to be able to version it and share it between computers. Mine is becoming crusty

Dear #retro bubble

These will need a new home or will hit the trash.

Partially still shrink wrapped.

It occurred to me that working remotely full-time I don’t really need a laptop, I’ve seen some cheap 2013 dual Xeon workstations. I don’t know shit about CPUs but would it be a good idea to get one of these for dev and multiple VMs compared to my mobile i7?

Forgot how much fun drinking beers with strangers can be. Incredible how I (we?) surrendered to morosity so easily.

Sorry if this makes no sense but pubs just re-opened in France 😊

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