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It occurred to me that working remotely full-time I don’t really need a laptop, I’ve seen some cheap 2013 dual Xeon workstations. I don’t know shit about CPUs but would it be a good idea to get one of these for dev and multiple VMs compared to my mobile i7?

Forgot how much fun drinking beers with strangers can be. Incredible how I (we?) surrendered to morosity so easily.

Sorry if this makes no sense but pubs just re-opened in France 😊

I love how everybody shits on SMS but is, essentially, a protocol that works everywhere and is completely device independent and cross platform. Give me SMS over yet another centralized app I have to download, again.

Running haiku in a FreeBSD bhyve VM and viewing it with VNC under Wayland, progress!

Battery life is okay, a bit lower than on Linux and on par with OpenBSD. Wifi speed is not great but that’s not a big deal. Suspend and resume seem to work too. Pretty cool so far!

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And Hikari is really a nice WM, like if CWM was running under Wayland. Kudos @raichoo !

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Trying out FreeBSD for a change, feels good!
Pleasantly surprised that my gemini browser Castor is already available in the ports :)

I’m running a local DNS server on my laptop, best idea. Why is that not a common practice?

Hey classic Macintoshes specialists would such a cable and a wifi232 allow a 68k Mac to get online or is it more complicated?

RetroForth 2021.4 is out.

- renamed namespace prefix: to sigil:
- reduced memory usage for I/O
- Python VM now supports run length encoded images
- C VM is cleaner, allows selection of I/O at compile time
- socket support is now optional (disabled by default)
- 65c816 assembly implementation of the VM thanks to Piotr Meyer
- cleanups and refactoring to the examples
- misc. bugfixes and documentation corrections

gopher:// or

« It’s behind you » a book about R-Type development on the was a great read.
Do you know any good book around historical software or games development like this?

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A Plan 9 oriented server.