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Forgot how much fun drinking beers with strangers can be. Incredible how I (we?) surrendered to morosity so easily.

Sorry if this makes no sense but pubs just re-opened in France 😊

I love how everybody shits on SMS but is, essentially, a protocol that works everywhere and is completely device independent and cross platform. Give me SMS over yet another centralized app I have to download, again.

Running haiku in a FreeBSD bhyve VM and viewing it with VNC under Wayland, progress!

Battery life is okay, a bit lower than on Linux and on par with OpenBSD. Wifi speed is not great but that’s not a big deal. Suspend and resume seem to work too. Pretty cool so far!

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And Hikari is really a nice WM, like if CWM was running under Wayland. Kudos @raichoo !

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Trying out FreeBSD for a change, feels good!
Pleasantly surprised that my gemini browser Castor is already available in the ports :)

I’m running a local DNS server on my laptop, best idea. Why is that not a common practice?

Hey classic Macintoshes specialists would such a cable and a wifi232 allow a 68k Mac to get online or is it more complicated?

RetroForth 2021.4 is out.

- renamed namespace prefix: to sigil:
- reduced memory usage for I/O
- Python VM now supports run length encoded images
- C VM is cleaner, allows selection of I/O at compile time
- socket support is now optional (disabled by default)
- 65c816 assembly implementation of the VM thanks to Piotr Meyer
- cleanups and refactoring to the examples
- misc. bugfixes and documentation corrections

gopher:// or

« It’s behind you » a book about R-Type development on the was a great read.
Do you know any good book around historical software or games development like this?

Received not one but two out of the blue old school phone calls from friends tonight, really cheered me up 😊

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