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Some progress on my 3D finger client, it now reads people to finger from a file and randomize their position. Also the content is becoming readable

My finger 3D thing is really fun to make, dunno if it can become useful but mucho fun it is for sure 👯‍♀️

covid, UN vote 

UN vote for if the patent law should be waived for the Covid vaccine

Are we the baddies dot png

When you setup Kubernetes to host your personal blog

Why do I keep seeing this “NFT” term everywhere since 3 days? Should I worry about it?

You know, it's interesting how communist and anarchist and socialist FOSS folks all think they're on higher moral ground than capitalists, and then you look at how they treat disabled people through the software they write, and you find that big capitalist corporations, particularly Apple, treat blind and other disabled people with more equality than *most* FOSS projects, and even corporate FOSS like RHEL and Ubuntu. I'm not saying Apple is perfect, walled gardens rarely are. But the number of accessibility customizations, and the thoughtful implimentation and stability of those features, show that they at least know how to keep most of the blind community on their side. FOSS rarely even tries. Remember, you can judge people by how they treat the most vulnerable among them. Just something to think about, y'all, when you feel superior and elite. So when you think communism works, or socialism works, or anarchism works, think of me.

#a11y #worldview #accessibility #foss

Plan 9 has been selected to participate in Google Summer of Code! 🎉

I'm really glad to be back in this; it's a fun program. If you are a student, or know some, check it out.

Longer announcement here:

We at just have open sourced our password manager tool `passveil` which we have been using internally for a while now and thought it would be nice to share it with everyone. #haskell

Working on adding notifications support to mastofs (mastodon as a 9P filesystem)

Spring is here and that means it's time for a new tape, right? That's right and it's just gone up on the Gemini space so it's still fresh and warm.

The Spring 2021 KONPEITO tape is a cool, heavy bass one. I want to play it in my car while just cruising.

But, hold up, that's not all! There's a new Omake tape too!

Omake 04: Ok Boomer is a thundering, violent, sexy, sleazy beast. Play it loud and tear shit up!

What are you waiting for? Point your Gemini client at gemini:// and grab them!

#KONPEITO #omake #gemini #geminiprotocol #lofi #mixtape #okboomer

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