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🐶 went to the beach for the first time today, she loved it! Digging the sand like a Shai-Hulud 😂

Rocketeer, my Gemini browser for iOS is now in public beta! (boosts appreciated)

Follow the instructions here to join:

If you have any issues or feedback (positive or negative), please let me know! You can message me here, send me an email (me at, or open an issue on the project issue tracker:

Rocketeer app screenshots

battery free Gameboy built for sustainability around ideas of intermittent computing

Geminispace and the Tildeverse are expanding again. This time with a third community in the circumlunar 'constellation' limited to 48 signups.

See solderpunk's announcement here:


That feeling when you make tools you actually use <3 I see a gemini link of interest in my fedi viewer, plumbing it opens castor9 and I can click on a gopher link finally posting this from my toot writer for posterity.

Is there any way to get a toot text as plain via Mastodon API? Receiving some html is not great when not in a browser

“The objective of allRGB is simple: To create images with one pixel for every RGB color (16,777,216); not one color missing, and not one color twice.”

"I'm so glad I found you," the customer said.
The clerk nodded politely and kept wrapping up the rare tome.
"But Arms&Armour is a strange name for a bookshop."
"We are not," the clerk said, "a bookshop. We sell all you need to defend yourself."
"Like swords? Ha ha."
"That too."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

i just published my talk about the amazing world of tool making!

"Start making tools! (on making experimental art tools & why it’s valuable for indie gamedevs to make them)"

it's all about the philosophy of building them, and an overview of the space…

I’m a Fender person but I love Gibson, the drink, almost tempted to make a second one 🤤

A second glass of wine, listening to records, doggo sleeping on my side, pretty comfy

0intro's feed should now work in most podcast apps

Works in mine at least :)

0intro raw:


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