@voxel hello, that's weird it's not supposed to fail. Anyway the file is supposed to be .local/share/asuka_bookmarks. Maybe you don't have a .local/share which could explain this?

@cst thanks! It’s not really the same app though, the *nix version does gopher and finger too

Submitted my clients (asuka and castor) to slackbuilds. Hope I did it correctly 😬

@goosey yes, the client should wrap lines. From the spec:
Text in Gemtext documents is written using "long lines", i.e. you (or your editor) shouldn't be inserting newline characters every 80 characters or so. Instead, leave it up to the receiving Gemini client to wrap your lines to fit the device's screen size and the user's preference.

@solene I've only read Rust in Action besides the book and it's much more hands on if that's your kind of learning

@encelado too bad it's not really a friendly toolkit to work with

Managed to compile the version of . Looking good so far but a bit buggy

Finished watching Pachiko and it was really good at least from my point of knowledge of the Korean/Japanese history which is near nothing

now that the TILDE WHIRL SECRET DECODER RING is live, I can share this secret message with you!!

yks toe pmelatf tjd a face yks

(shhh, the key is "tilde whirl")



a (maybe) one-shot 90s/00s fuck off rivethead throwback tech zine! submissions open! DM me for file transfers. I'm deep diving SONY's WILDSTYLE PHASE for it fuck yeah.

get on baud!!

#baudpunk #baudwerks #B4UDW3RK5 #newCyberiaCoinLaundry #NCCL #hackers #hackerstown #hacktheplanet

"i miss BBS"
you can log on to a BBS right now
"i miss IRC"
you can log on to an IRC server right now
"i miss self hosted this or that"
you can self host your own thing right now
"i miss online communities"
join one, start one
"i miss online friends"
we're waiting for u!

the only obstacle to all this and more is yourself.

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