Received not one but two out of the blue old school phone calls from friends tonight, really cheered me up 😊

@makeworld compiles but segfaults, haven’t had the time to dig in but it’s the same with the examples so it’s not my code it seems

@makeworld yes it’s pretty easy without dumbing down things, I quite like it! I have an issue using on OpenBSD, other that that pretty cool

Oh, I hear some water dropping.
#floc , #floc , #floc , #floc I think your shining metallic browser has a leak. I'm not sure we are able to repair it.
🚀 It's time to take the command of your capsule and to fly towards #gemini

@grimmware it looks like a nice intro, very concise and straight to the point. Here’s the TOC and a page in the middle to get an idea

Back on my never-ending hiring parade, we're looking for junior and mid-career data scientists!

This will be curation, management, and creating new uses for petabytes of biological and environmental research data -- in other words, actual data science, with emphasis on science! Explore a world where data science doesn't involve targeted advertising!

@sirjofri true! This could be quite simple, I like all these ideas, hope your testing will be successful!

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