The new ujoy(4) driver has been committed to -current! This is an important step to making joysticks and other controllers work out of the box on #OpenBSD, for serious work. Not games. Okay mostly games. :flan_aww:

HT @thfr (destroyer of productivity)

#PlayOnBSD 🕹️🎮

@solene when I was using linux I used void linux because it resembled BSDs a little

@royniang still needs polishing since gemini does not have anchors, maybe I’ll split it in zillion files but I must figure out a smart way :)

I did it, my wiki is ported to gemini :cooldog:


It needs some more polishing but I’m very happy with it.

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I started collecting related places on in a "Gemini Ring" over at gemini://, if you know some not already there I'll gladly add them

This period is really starting to feel like Groundhog Day for me...

@vidak if the credentials are okay, maybe mastodon-auth--access-token is nil?

A salad with those 3 left over cheeses (Abondance, Emmental, Goat) over some tomato sauce, garlic, whole bread and some spices turned out yummy

After a little trip in the oven this should be quite nice 🤤

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