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Working a bit on mastofs a tool to expose Mastodon API as a 9P filesystem

A salad with those 3 left over cheeses (Abondance, Emmental, Goat) over some tomato sauce, garlic, whole bread and some spices turned out yummy

After a little trip in the oven this should be quite nice 🤤

That feeling when you make tools you actually use <3 I see a gemini link of interest in my fedi viewer, plumbing it opens castor9 and I can click on a gopher link finally posting this from my toot writer for posterity.

Productive day on the Castor9 front, it can now use the plumber to open URLs to other protocols and use page to display images and PDF files.

browser for is now a bit prettier, added different symbols for links to other protocols and preformatted text is rendered properly.

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A Plan 9 oriented server.