Got a silly idea, what if you could browse the smol web using your mail client?

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If you want to try it send a mail to smolmail AT with a gopher | gemini | http(s) or even finger url in the subject and you should get something in return.

(Obviously gmail or outlook users will have to check their spam folder)

@julienxx ah, you've done a Stallman!

> I usually fetch web pages from other sites by sending mail to a program

@M0YNG oh thanks I wasn't aware he did that but yes that's the idea

@julienxx Can you please elaborate a bit what we are seeing here? Is this a special email client to display these „mails“? Is this a service of some kind?

@lvdd_ basically it's an email service to browse stuff on gopher/gemini/http/finger, you send a mail with an URL in the subject and you get the content back. There is a demo further in the mastodon thread.

@julienxx ah, actually I just meant can I read that text, Desert?

@julienxx Not that silly ! Someone working with deltachat (another email-based program) wrote a bot that fetches http pages and sends back a pdf:
@julienxx There's also, still for the http world, but there definitely is value in the idea. I personally like the idea of having content stored in a place that is synced to all my devices, can be read offline, and is dirt-easy to transfer

@rakoo yeah that was my idea and also be able to read content with devices that can't browse these URLs (no available client, not enough power...)

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