Got the environment setup so Hello from RISC OS!

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@julienxx now you can start compiling NetSurf 🙂
(at some point they wanted a maintainer for the RISC-OS version…)

@mmu_man it's already running, the window on the left with brutaldon is NetSurf :)

@Truck brutaldon is the best thing for alternative/old systems!

@julienxx and for new! I'm using it daily and have for ... since about day 4 of using mastodon.

If you have/run into bugs, we have a gitlab... (I have to fix some things but I haven't had time yet.)

I also need to set up one of the gitlab things I purchased a domain for when @djsundog took it over and there were some issues with the domain move... but there's NOTHING wrong with the existing ones (:

@julienxx I thought RiscOS uses periods as a path separator. Yet, I see you're using a file named Hello.c.

Is that literally a file named "c" in a subdirectory named "hello", or is your development environment providing some kind of filename translation?

@julienxx How does that work with GCC then? I'm guessing GCC must be munging the filename somehow?

@vertigo yeah some kind of magic done by the RISC OS gcc I suppose

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