Sadly couldn't post this toot from because of a bug, that's a good time to try to fix his :)

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@hyde @julienxx don't want to rant here, but

#Vim is a text editor for terminals

#Toot is a Mastodon tool for terminals

Vim is not a terminal

besides: using layers in layers in programs in docks, jails or VM is _possibe_, but in a sense of efficient computer use it is BS.

use programs that can do One thing and do it well -- UNIX Philosophy nr. 1

@meine @hyde if you live in the terminal maybe, I'm using a GUI lisp machine that happen to run on UNIXy systems and sending toots from there is quite comfy IMO
Sent from my LISP machine :)

@meine @hyde I use emacs for mails, IRC, mastodon, gopher/gemini/web browsing, code... every package does one thing and does it well that's the UNIX spirit... in some way :D

@julienxx @hyde "emacs is a fine operating system in need of a good editor"


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