Back on Slackware, it was first distro I ever installed around 1997 and my first encounter with Linux. Can't believe it took me so long to come back to this cosy place

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And KDE is pretty cool nowadays, hadn't tried it since KDE3 I believe and it works really fine I must say

@julienxx Tu as remplacé OpenBSD par slackware ? Whaou :) Monsieur voyage ! :)

@yaf haha je tiens pas en place ! OpenBSD, Plan9, FreeBSD, Void Linux et maintenant Slackware en espérant arrêter parce que la je vois plus trop où aller :)

@julienxx Bah, tu pourras refaire un tour : NetBSD, HaikuOS, OpenSolaris (il en reste des copies quelque part ?), ... :D

@julienxx Slackware was my first too, circa 2004. Used to install it on abandoned Pentium laptops I brought home from my after school PC repair job.

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