My AMD laptop with 4 cores uses like 9-10W idle where my work dual core i7 only uses 5W. I wonder if that’s expected (more physical cores more power drainage)? Or is it a config issue (using tlp)?

@julienxx different CPU governor/freq scaling? (I assume it's linux)

@epilys Linux yes, Void (10W) vs Ubuntu (5W). Not sure about the governor/freq scaling. Pretty much stock installs.

@julienxx Basically you adjust the CPU freq which directly affects power load. You can change it to different settings and see

@epilys ok so most probably Ubuntu has something in place and I need to tune something on Void. Thanks for the lead!

@julienxx have you tried powertop? it should show you what power saving options you might have missed.

@julienxx more detailed specs? does the amd laptop have one of those apu's with radeon graphics?

@julienxx maybe try the proprietary amd gpu drivers (i know, sucks :/), sometimes they can have better power management.

@julienxx More transistors will always use up more power. Between leakage current and the power drawn from the clock tree, that's a given.

So, I would definitely expect your AMD laptop to consume more power than your work dual core machine.

How much more, however, is another question. A factor of two seems reasonable (2 cores vs 4 cores); however, without more information, I'm not sure if the power would scale linearly like that.

@vertigo yes that was my reasoning but x2 seems a lot for idling

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