V looks impressive never heard of it and it has so many features and libs already 😳

@julienxx check out the takedown on before you go too deep.

I liked learning it as a toy language and contributed an easing library to the cause.

@julienxx @tomasino

Honest question for you guys...

Is Nim a better V and have you used it? Would ypou recommend it?

They seem very close to each other in philosophy, except Nim is less boastful and more Python-oriented while V seems very very marketing oriented and closer to Go.

I noticed Christine Dodrill is very critical of V while she has used Nim as well. For instance:

So: Nim. Usable? Interesting? Still to experimental? (Thanks!) 😉

@ParadeGrotesque @tomasino I haven't tried it yet but it's on my radar, looks very pleasant.

@tomasino @julienxx Can you link to it directly? I can’t find it.

@julienxx @tomasino Thanks. It seems Christine even missed that the curl one can be exploited by a malicious URL to execute arbitrary code.

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