Hey people I need to redo my config, where do I start? Package.el, cask, use-package, straight.el, something else? I just need to be able to version it and share it between computers. Mine is becoming crusty

@julienxx Crusty?

Mine is 18 years old.

I wouldn't redo a single thing.

@JordiGH I have a mix of cask and use-package that I feel is not right and it would be a good time to cleanup packages I don’t use anymore

@JordiGH it works but it’s very slow to start which bothers me a little

@julienxx Oh wow, you reboot Emacs?

To be fair, I had to reboot my whole computer recently, so my M-x emacs-uptime is an embarrassing 8 days, 8 hours, 6 minutes, 14 seconds as I type this.

@JordiGH yeah I only have laptops so I shut them down everyday, it’s not a huge pain far from it but I feel it’s time for a clean slate :)

@julienxx I'm using Castlemacs. It's for MacOS X, but it works well for me on Linux and Open/FreeBSD

@cstrotm thanks but I prefer to make my own, I have « specific » needs

not true but I like to think so 😊

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