It occurred to me that working remotely full-time I don’t really need a laptop, I’ve seen some cheap 2013 dual Xeon workstations. I don’t know shit about CPUs but would it be a good idea to get one of these for dev and multiple VMs compared to my mobile i7?

@julienxx just keep in mind those xeons can chew through a lot of power, and require loud cooling fans.

@julienxx I do this; dual Xeon E5-2650V2's in a old workstation mb. For most individual workloads (anything desktop, FPGA builds) my 2015 macbook is very noticeably faster (up to 50% for some things). However, for kernel builds or if you just need 128Gb of memory at minimum cost it's not a awful option. You may not feel this is worth it.

Re noise, standard desktop heatsinks fit and you can't overclock, so very quiet.

@julienxx @coral if you can live with Apple, their ARM CPUs are more performant and use less energy.

@oz @coral not very keen on Apple modern products (especially the OS) and it kinda defeats the cheap part (<400€) 😊

@julienxx @coral MacOS is annoying as hell, but I think it's part of why Apple managed to optimize the hell out of it for their home made hardware.

I think there's progress on running OpenBSD there though, so there's hope for cheap hardware once people tire of them for the next shiny thing in a year or two.

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