Has anyone read "Principles of Operating Systems: Design and Applications (Advanced Topics)" by Brian L. Stuart? It looks very interesting but it's quite pricey, is it worth it?

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@julienxx I've read it some 10 years ago. At that time, I found it was a good read, esp. the Inferno parts (which as all new to me)

@cstrotm thanks! That's the inferno part I'm most interested in. Still not sure it's worth 100$ to get it here

@julienxx 100 US$ is quite a high price, I agree. Maybe Mr. Stuart has an good idea, you can find him at

@cstrotm @julienxx I found it for closer to $50 new(-ish) on amazon as well as several second hand book shops.

@patrick @cstrotm yes in the US but it's 50$ more to get to europe at the moment

@julienxx Sometimes the author of a tech book gets the publishing rights back after some years.

Maybe Mr. Stuart would publish the content online under an permissive license (he seems to be active in the retro-computing community, maybe we should ask him politely)

@julienxx There was a very cheap Indian edition available. If I can get hold of one, I can buy and send it across to you.

@vu3rdd that would be awesome! I'll pay you back for everything of course

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