I’m looking for a machine that I could eventually connect to a network. Amigas are unfortunately too expensive, I was thinking an old PowerBook maybe. Any suggestion?

@julienxx LCs can have PDS ethernet cards… and most Quadra 650 have builtin ethernet (but need an AAUI adapter). a good 68k powerbook can easily set you back as much as an amiga...

maybe an LC, or something like a macintosh iicx/iici? (the latter models make nice netbsd machines...) i'd offer to sell you the iici i recapped but i'm wary of shipping something like that internationally...

@linear thanks but yeah shipping to France looks like potential disaster :)

@Sophistifunk all powerbooks 100 to 500s are still 68k, PowerPC starts with the thousand nomenclature

@julienxx there were a *lot* of interesting machines using it back in the day. Don't forget the Atari ST range too.

@Sophistifunk which models should I look for ST, STF, STE, mega? I’d like to do music, programming and old school networking with the machine

@julienxx don't know them well, just know they exist. Here in .au there was only really Commodore, Mac, and PC in the 16/32bit era.

@julienxx: @julienxx: Easiest to connect to Ethernet is the PowerBook 190/190cs, it has PCMCIA and quite a lot Eth-cards float on eBay. Plus, it has IDE HDDs, easy to replace. If you’d consider LocalTalk network-y enough for you, then there a broad pallette of models available …

@julienxx I would stick with Apple, but make sure whatever you choose comes with _everything_ to connect to modern networks... add-ons will bankrupt you.

I have an #atari TT030 with a NetUSBee, which provides reliable, slow Ethernet. Everything else it promises, it doesn't deliver, though.

@jeff good to know for the Atari’s, some 68k PowerBooks have a pcmcia port so it could be a nice option

@julienxx @galaxis Amiga 600 can be bought for cheap and has PCMCIA to add a cheap network card.

@js @galaxis that's a good idea but a600 are not cheap around here, like 200E

@julienxx @galaxis Then you’re probably not getting anything else with m68k for any cheaper either 😕

@js @julienxx Yeah, prices are kind of crazy, out on eBay at least. Might have more luck with a local garage sale or something.

Though with €200 you're quickly getting in the regions for one of the FPGA boards with m68k cores and custom hardware emulation, like a Suska III b or a MiSTer...

@julienxx @galaxis Also keep in mind that an Amiga is a good investment. Those prices keep rising. If you buy it for 200€ now, you likely can sell it for 300€ in a year. And the longer you wait, the more expensive it gets. I’ve seen some accelerator boards go from 1000€ to 2000€ in just a year. And 1000€ was already crazy.

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