Added some port 79 goodness to, you can now read @littlejohn SMOG!



I need a little bit of help, looking at the smog1 zine and I notice chars like : �M-^@m-^\

Should I use a different terminal setting? Currently using gnome terminal b.t.w. It is using utf8


@hansw that’s weird, where do you see this encoding issue? I tried it on various machines and it looked fine


Thanks for you answer, it is on the page loaded by:


There is more on this article but this should give you an idea.

> The whole process of having Apple mix these �M-^@m-^\protections against malware�M-^@m-^] into a system that�M-^@m-^Ys also a �M-^@m-^\protection of our business model�M-^@m-^]

@hansw @m interesting 🧐 I’ll double check encodings and all that jazz tomorrow and see if I can reproduce/fix this. Thanks for letting me know!

@julienxx Hope it might help to pinpoint, it only seems to excist in the article of LWN. Did you copy/paste it?

@hansw not really, I dumped the Gemini version into a file that I serve over finger basically

@julienxx I tried to copy that column from the lwn article in a textfile and simply catted it, it only shows normal text. Maybe finger does something strange with it.

@julienxx nopes, that one looks fine. Might be a copy/paste from lwn giving trouble.

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