Small but very useful addition to castor9: input handling!

@julienxx do you think it would be possible to upload a file with #gemini protocol?
( ping @solderpunk )

@jpfox at the moment no, there are some attempts at side-car stuff like Titan and Discosuri (sorry you’ll have to search for these in the ML) but it seems to me that the consensus so far is that there are better suited protocols for the upload part, not need to have everything go through gemini


Ok, thanks. That's true, gemini is very cool to read content, and that's good enough ! @solderpunk

@julienxx i didn't know gemini had this! i missed this from gopher, this was how i made my gopher guestbook :)

@dogstar yes that's the first thing I did with it in my gemini space a guestbook!

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