hello, i'm phoebe. i live in nyc. i dont love computers but i do love talking to friends and strangers on the internet so it is an uneasy truce.

what i wrote in my bio is "i am a weird tech loser and artist. i enjoy contrarian ways of thinking about computers. i like plan 9, apl/k, forth, minimalism in technology, and maximalism in art" which is also true.

i put some of my art and writing on www.timeflayer.com which is my website.


i recently set my twitter account on fire and then drove it off of a cliff because a friend died and i started feeling uneasy about the relationships i was forming through manipulative corporations. i feel uneasy about mastodon, also, but merveilles.town is the one instance that seemed compelling to me so i am thankful to have received an invite. i look forward to meeting you all.



@dogstar welcome on fedi! Merveilles is the best place on fedi so you should be comfy. Happy to talk 9 stuff whenever :)


@julienxx ah totally! lately i have not had enough time or brain space to be on 9gridchan, but i have a few small projects i definitely want to work on over the holiday break

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