Productive day on the Castor9 front, it can now use the plumber to open URLs to other protocols and use page to display images and PDF files.

@julienxx This looks great. My X230 running 9front has been sitting on a shelf for a few months because, while hacking on plan9 is fun in itself, I never reached a point where I could use it for any of my day-to-day tasks. I might dust it off for this.


@chaosmonk thanks 😊 I love how 9front forces me into a more slow computer life. I keep the frenzy state of modern computing on my work machine and my pocket device and so far so good!

@julienxx I know what you mean. I've been experimenting with different ways of separating tasks across devices to help create healthier boundaries in my computing (which translate into most of the boundaries I have in my life, since I'm doing most things via a computer these days). I'd like to work my X230+9front setup in there somehow. If I could find a graphical or mutt/aerc-like email client for plan9 I might make the X230 my device for non-work-related communication.

@chaosmonk I’m using Nail in acme it’s not a mutt/aerc as you need the mouse but pretty good

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