Received not one but two out of the blue old school phone calls from friends tonight, really cheered me up 😊

Oh, I hear some water dropping.
#floc , #floc , #floc , #floc I think your shining metallic browser has a leak. I'm not sure we are able to repair it.
🚀 It's time to take the command of your capsule and to fly towards #gemini

Back on my never-ending hiring parade, we're looking for junior and mid-career data scientists!

This will be curation, management, and creating new uses for petabytes of biological and environmental research data -- in other words, actual data science, with emphasis on science! Explore a world where data science doesn't involve targeted advertising!

Today I present: "Finger List" is an #android app which allows you to subscribe to multiple #finger "channels". #ancient #socialmedia. Some servers still exist. #microblogging #software #apps #whois #network #socialnetwork

Who knows interesting people to follow^Wfinger?

Someone shared after @SuricrasiaOnline 's win at Revision and now I'm going down a black hole on shader toy of making very ugly blinking squares.

Began working on my new solarpunk gemini capsule gemini://

The story behind including a capitalist corporation’s logo at the bottom as a banner is that the people who started germination systems all came from that corporation to begin with. The story is fictitious. The company is obviously a nod to DEC with it’s own kind of hacker culture of ‘do the right thing’.

When DEC collapsed, all the hackers from DEC went to different parts of the industry, and massively influenced the computer culture elsewhere in the United States

So yeah, there’s a fake backstory to this radical solarpunk smolnet journal (:

OMG - This just happened -

Video Player for Compact Black and White Macs. I am in awe!

#marchintosh #m68k #retrocomputing

I’m on vacations tonight and the fucker at the head of the state announce new restrictions for the whole territory... fuck it

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