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The Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet covers the #Gemini Project on part 3 of its series, "Going Dark: Looking for the End of the Internet."

It’s funny how I used to wait for my next phone OS next release impatiently and now I couldn’t care less. The device remembered me there was a big update today and I wasn’t aware of what to expect for once... It’s nice to know I’m grown-up enough to not care about the firehose anymore

Updated my browsers a little.
Asuka has now a reload feature and the history has been reworked a bit.
Castor has now one of the most anticipated features: a forward button! is an index of Plan 9 software/derivatives and Merveilles especially has been putting out a ton of it, which is awesome!

The list is very incomplete :)

If you or someone you know has written something for 9 which is not indexed and anyone could find fun, informative, or useful, it'd be great if we had it indexed

Looking for opening of PR's or Issues to aggregate more *stuff* which has cropped up in the last year or so :)

Mirror on Soon™

Ordered my first RTL-SDR, I'm excited! I was finally motivated by two talks I saw at the now complete Our Network conf.

Would love to hear people's recommendations for SDR, and/or their experiences. :boost_ok:

Your occasional reminder that I have a digital zine - new edition each page load - hosted here:

Displaying fresh toots under
Totally slow, unoptimized and ugly but well that's a start

"Property-Based Testing in a Screencast Editor" is on discount for one week! Get it for only $5 using this link:

Retweet for reach! ❤️🧪📽️

Welcoming my first doggo ever next Saturday, stress intensifies a bit

@neauoire do you happen to have an example of loading and displaying and image (jpg, png) with libdraw? I can’t wrap my head around how it should be done

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