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@dokoissho @hecanjog sorry I’m not a Mac user but it seems you need to install XQuartz, install mercurial and clone the drawterm repository with hg clone Then you have to run CONF=osx-x11 make in the cloned drawterm directory and you should be good to go

I was back in Paris today for work, we went for a drink with a colleague and nowadays you have to write your name and telephone number to grab a drink here, this is so fucked up...

Holy crap, thank you for your patience. KONPEITO is back online and the Fall tape is finally done!

I really dragged my heels on that one and for that I apologise but such is life.

Point your favorite Gemini browser at gemini:// to snag the tape and chill out.
#KONPEITO #gemini #LoFi

@kvothe thanks! I’m far from something usable but it’s fun to mess with draw.h

Updated my little fediverse client for a bit. It's now fast but I have those weird font issues to figure out among many other things.

In reality, Hacktoberfest is a corporate-sponsored distributed denial of service attack against the open source maintainer community.

@MicroJoe tout devrait bien se passer alors :) J’ai déménagé il y a 3 mois et c’est tout ce que j’avais en tête je crois

@MicroJoe quand tu as les compteurs prés de toi en gros car on va te demander des chiffres. Internet tu peux le faire avant si tu as le numero des anciens locataires. L'assurance habitation tu dois pouvoir le faire en avance de mémoire aussi.

@MicroJoe @lemeteore des idées en vrac: avoir plus d’amis pour aider que de raison car forcément certains se désisteront, ouvrir électricité/gaz/internet ASAP car ça prend du temps des fois, prévoir de quoi dormir si tu arrives avant ton lit, boire/manger/pq aussi sinon en général ça se passe bien :)

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