About to move to another another handle on the same instance, should be automatic and friction less 🤞

@bortzmeyer bon article, je me permet une petite remarque gemini viens d’une partie de la communauté gopher qui souhaitait une version un poil plus sécurisée et moderne. Je crois que l’analogie avec un web light n’est pas la meilleure mais plus un gopher mis à jour en quelque sorte

Le système #Gemini, revenir à du simple et sûr pour distribuer l'information en ligne ? (Le Web est trop complexe et offre trop de possibilités de pistage.)


#sobriétéNumérique #lowCost #Gopher #viePrivée

(J'attends maintenant que Framasoft crée un FramaGemini...)

@epoch haha no worries! Might be a good use-case for sourcehut projects though, I could put all my Gemini stuff under the same project umbrella. Not sure it would be handy but this could make sense

@epoch putting them both in the same repo wouldn’t work (Rust vs C, UNIX vs Plan9) unfortunately so maybe I’ll change the name at some point

@jirka not yet but when it will handle non-success statuses (error, redirects...) and user input I’ll open it. It should be quite soon I hope

version control, git 

It makes me happy to see that at least some people out there, who (to my knowledge) don't even have any stake in BSD, do get it: olowe.co/2020/10/got.html

(also: what a nice blog in plain html :flan_aww:​)

@jirka yes, at least on 9front. I'm not sure if there is any difference regarding the binaries between plan9 and 9front

@sirjofri yes still work in progress, so far it doesn't do much, just display the 20 latest toots fedi.9til.de/@glenda/104972099

@james yes! I mostly followed the FQA directions and wiki.9gridchan.org/sirjofri/15 and got it working using my own mail server

@sirjofri hey is is possible to get an account on your gridchat web instance? Or maybe I should make one for myself?

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