Trying to install on my Thinkpad.
CPU cores and RAM look in order, there is some battery life... looking good so far!

Updated my little fediverse client for a bit. It's now fast but I have those weird font issues to figure out among many other things.

Updated my browsers a little.
Asuka has now a reload feature and the history has been reworked a bit.
Castor has now one of the most anticipated features: a forward button!

Displaying fresh toots under
Totally slow, unoptimized and ugly but well that's a start

@sir I seem to recall you were looking at using brutaldon with 9front at some point. I got a modified version “tuned” for mothra working that I might host if you’re still interested

Success! I now have a VM running under vmm hypervisor. Thanks a lot for the help!

Trying to repair some speakers I found on the streets, one is working so that’s nice for debugging :)

The perks of having moved in the South West I can go to the ocean whenever I want 😍

A Plan 9 oriented server.