Bored on a rainy lockdown sunday so trying out new stuff. Windowmaker and GNUstep is pretty comfy

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@glenda Nice! I used to use Windowmaker on my Ultra 5 in the mid-2000s.

@royniang @glenda I used the fvwm during 2001-2019 on daily basis.

But your configuration looks much better than mine...

@jirka @glenda I just removed the titlebar buttons and messed with the buttons module (I don’t even know how it is different than the taskbar module?) 😅

@jirka @glenda the default configuration files is sooo confusing that I divided everything in multiples files and removed things I didn’t like lmao

@royniang @glenda Isn't the taskbar module deprecated?
The buttons module seems to exists from early versions of fvwm 1.

I never liked any of these two, anyway.

@jirka @glenda I have no idea, but you can still make a taskbar in fvwm2

@glenda Wow! I used the WindowMaker for some time. But it is a distant past.

I newer liked the GNUstep though. But it may be much more mature now...

@jirka I quite like it so far, it’s a bit weird to have apps with their menu displayed the NextSTEP way and others the Windows way but well

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