Updated my browsers a little.
Asuka has now a reload feature and the history has been reworked a bit.
Castor has now one of the most anticipated features: a forward button!

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@glenda they are looking great!

What data structures you used for your history implementation. I'm not sure about what I used for Fafi Browser.

@glenda thanks for sharing. Mine is similar but I'm maintaining two stacks, one for going backwards and one for going forwards. Going back pops the url from one stack and pushes it into the other.

@glenda oh that looks quite similar. I'm happier now, I always wondered if keeping the two stacks was the way to go rsrsrs.

The code needs refactoring, there is too much direct manipulation and handling of everything in `window.rkt`


That FVWM config looks pretty neat, do you have dotfiles up anywhere?

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