TIL: "Indent ON" in . When pressing new line it adds the leading white-spaces of the current line to the new one 👍

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@glenda OH, you are julienxx! I remember you from a previous life in the internet related to Emacs 😀

It's cool that I recognised you again thanks to a toot related to Plan9, it's so amusing how the rabbit hole is more or less the same for some of us

@dvicente haha that’s me indeed! Did you switch to acme? I’m on the verge of using it full time :)

@glenda Really? I have been lurking on Plan 9 for a bit but just tried it for the first time today. It feels still super alien and exotic - but after 3 hours, I understand why people are so fascinated by it.

Still, far from switching to acme: using it, I have the speed of my old man typing on a touch screen (which is humbling and hilarious at the same time)

@dvicente not really but I think I may try it for a week at work just to see how it goes, I really like how it can interact with the host system

@glenda Oh now I really want to keep on playing with it haha

@dvicente giving up on syntax highlighting is a bit weird at first. Also this will need a lot of scripts but that’s fun!

@glenda Yes I noticed that but it's not bothering me as much as I expected. Still, I have to properly dive into it and study - it feels like I am missing out on a load of commands that will make my life easier... Basically now I use it like a bohemian Notepad

Do you have any resources on getting started (not only acme specific but Plan 9 in general)? Internet searches are not being super useful yet

@dvicente I’m trying to gather some stuff at gemini:// otherwise there is an attempt at gathering docs and tips at and the FQA of course

@glenda I was basically using the FQA alone, so that is super helpful, thank you!

@dvicente reading the initial papers is also really useful

@dvicente but I’m still just discovering everything too so there might be even better unknown resources

@glenda have you checked the IRC? It has some... Interesting reputation haha

@dvicente yup at least they warn you when you join :) There are some other chans like # on IRC and also the public grid and mailing lists

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