Figured out the basics for drawing stuff I think. The docs are pretty great.

Also, I'm becoming a freaking ACME magician, I love the chords scheme thingy.


I think I will make a #plan9 cookbook with a bunch of examples files like I did for Think Pascal and 6502 Assembly.

Managed to compile asm6 with pcc and resume my 6502 work, only this time, in #plan9.

Dreams do come true.

Implemented bresenham line.
Left is #plan9's line() and right is bresenham.

I know I told myself I wouldn't waste time doing this but the #plan9 babyblue was NOT calming me down, at all.

Teaching myself how to mod rio. Added wallpapers support from scratch today. Plan9 is amazing, it's everything I was promised, it's now my main daily driver.

Made #plan9's Acme feel a bit more confortable, hacked it a bit so shift+arrows move the selection left and right. Total game changer.

@neauoire are you using legacy plan 9 or 9front? By the way I’m trying to create some kind of tilde server at gemini://, hopefully I’ll figure out the basics soon enough to launch it before the end of the summer :)

@glenda @neauoire Still very much looking forward to a launch. :) But also eyeing off an unused RPi 1 after I realised 9front had an image for it...

@solderpunk @neauoire I secretly wish I can have you as some kind of guinea piggies for as you know how to run this stuff :) I have most of the services figured out but still need to iron out some stuff like basic welcome documentation and so on. Unfortunately August is one of the busiest month for me so we’ll see what I can achieve🤞

@glenda @neauoire I am happy to help if you need, but there's certainly no rush! I know very little about Plan 9. I am not sure how much pubnix admin experience would transfer across. Welcome documentation should be pretty easy, though, stick it in a world-readable directory somewhere and mention that location in the MOTD, I assume Plan 9 has some equivalent of that?

@solderpunk yes I was thinking of something like what you did for the zaibatsu orientation with a MOTD and/or a man page. This will clearly be a space where everyone learns from each other and I love this idea!

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A Plan 9 oriented server.