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Updated my little fediverse client for a bit. It's now fast but I have those weird font issues to figure out among many other things.

About to move to another another handle on the same instance, should be automatic and friction less 🤞

Le système #Gemini, revenir à du simple et sûr pour distribuer l'information en ligne ? (Le Web est trop complexe et offre trop de possibilités de pistage.)

#sobriétéNumérique #lowCost #Gopher #viePrivée

(J'attends maintenant que Framasoft crée un FramaGemini...)

version control, git 

It makes me happy to see that at least some people out there, who (to my knowledge) don't even have any stake in BSD, do get it:

(also: what a nice blog in plain html :flan_aww:​)

@sirjofri hey is is possible to get an account on your gridchat web instance? Or maybe I should make one for myself?

Well a few days living exclusively in is pretty comfy, could get used to it

Just heard about this off-the-wall blog post about booting a PC off a vinyl record just as it was mentioned on This WEEK in TECH. 😅 📀 🖥️

Finally set up my mail account on , I likes how faces(1) displays emails with those lovely icons

Video: Chroot into m68k - a seamless m68k dev environment on Linux with QEMU

Explains and demonstrates the QEMU user mode and how to setup an Linux #m68k development environment that can seamlessly be used from an amd64 host.

With this environment, it is possible to write scripts that execute a mix of native (amd64) and emulated (m68k) commands. It is also possible to start the m68k environment inside a Linux container using systemd-nspawn.

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

Now posting an audio narrated manual page a day on bird site and web mirroring at

and over 9p at tcp!!626

While searching for the origin of the term “gophernaut” I stumbled upon this cool document from “The Public-Access Computer Systems Review”

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