TIL: "Indent ON" in . When pressing new line it adds the leading white-spaces of the current line to the new one 👍

I've started a little series on #gemini concerning my (highly biased) thoughts on certain computers. I've only written two up so far:


Getting my feet wet at graphical programming on with libpanel. Another client maybe?

Any hackers in #Toronto interested in networking and mesh networks? Toronto Mesh (tomesh.net) set up our first supernode yesterday!

Boosts welcome.

thank you for coming to my ed talk
w slides.txt

Success! I now have a VM running under vmm hypervisor. Thanks a lot @sigrid@merveilles.town for the help!

Any tips on how to run under vmm? I managed to finish the install but then it won't boot from the virtual hard drive, it just hangs at
"Connected to /dev/ttyp1 (speed 115200)"

Dicovered 9gridchan thanks to gemini://ftrv.se/8 by @sigrid@merveilles.town
Great place!

Here's a native #vnc client for #wayland. If you are building from #darcs you can already use this in #hikari 😸 github.com/any1/wlvncc

USB-C seemed like an okay idea but it just sucks, it’s very hot and the port is really fragile. I’m almost sure it will break my laptop at some point 🤨

Mail & DNS servers updated from 6.6 to 6.7, painless... I like it!

Hot off the press: Pubnix Admin Interviews, #3: Ryan Sayre of skylab.org: cmccabe.sdf.org/pubnixhist/kra

Trying to repair some speakers I found on the streets, one is working so that’s nice for debugging :)

Thinking about getting an Atari ST, any specific model I should consider for music and programming?

@kensanata I suppose you use emacs for your emails, what's your setup like? I just got into gnus for NNTP and I quite like it, maybe it's time to try email too. My previous attempts were total failures, perhaps it easier nowadays?

Free Bee is now available to play on your browser.


As you'll be able to immediately tell, graphic design is my passion.

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