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The issue with people not understanding filesystems isn't that people don't understand filesystems; it's that for decades now the leading technology companies have been executing a campaign to strip basic computer literacy from everyone who isn't college educated, allowing the formation of a cult of tech and the mysticization of the process in order to justify monopolies and oligopologies with outsized influence over daily life for everyone on Earth.

Antimilitarism is not pacifism. Just thought it is important to mention to some of you on this social network.

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27 years of perfect attendance and he got a bag of candy and trinkets. Don’t kill yourself over these jobs. They will not take care of you.

“Loyalty pays off” (insert jerkoff motion here)

@fdroidorg how big are the chances to get a project like drawterm-android on #fdroid (official repo)? Of course only with proper fastlane directory and screenshots. I'm asking specifically since it is completely different than most android-first apps, using make for building and with NDK and stuff. #plan9 #9front

@shiftphones, a German phone company producing ethically sourced smartphones with a focus on repairability is now on Mastodon! They shipped #postmarketOS some phones to help develop mainline Linux support and get our system running well on it and so they are awesome in my book 😉

Go say hi and welcome them to the fediverse!

I'm relieved. My job for the new company starts August 1st. Less hours, more pay.

China is going after the Fediverse, finally. A ton of servers have started getting hit with DNS poisoning and TCP reset attacks as the Great Firewall fuckery begins.

If you see fewer Chinese voices in your TL today that is why.

@adam is right about the need for there to be lots of small servers. It’s concentration that allows this kind of heavy handed government censorship to work.


Another russian butcher of Syria was killed in #Ukraine yesterday - Kutuzov Roman Vladimirovich. Let the earth for this bastard be out of concrete. Cheers to those who made it possible. #Syria #Russia

I'm a little bit tense this week. The company I work for was sold (again!). So we have some "nice" talks with our new bosses thursday/friday.
It looks not so bad I think. What would they do without me, haha.
After ten years another excitement. I'm getting too old for this. Wish me luck!

@janboehm Ich finde, ein wesentliches Problem liegt schon mal darin, dass jemand wie Du dauernd irgendwas postet, nur um Reaktionen zu triggern, ohne aber an den dadurch ausgelösten Diskussionen selbst teilzunehmen. Das fühlt sich für die, die auf Deine Postings reagieren, auf Dauer echt ziemlich leer und unbefriedigend - und damit letztlich auch irgendwie irrelevant - an.

Tech-Oligarch #Musk hat angekündigt die Republikaner zu wählen. Den Demokraten wirft er absurderweise vor, von #Gewerkschaften und "Klassenkampf"-Anwälten unterwandert zu sein. Sowas mögen #Unionbuster und Steuertrickser nicht🤑🤮

❓ Kleine #Umfrage : 🧐

*Wie* bist Du hier im #Fediversum unterwegs? 🚀

(i.S.v. in welcher "sozialen Rolle"?)

- privat
- beruflich
- beides, innerhalb eines Accounts
- beides, mit separaten Accounts?

...anders? wie genau?

Gerne auch #boosten , danke!

@pushFediverse @Umfragen

Lex #EisenbahnGuerilla? Das Parlament in #Belarus hat am 4.5.22 eine Änderung des Strafrechts beschlossen. Danach kann „versuchter Terrorismus“ mit Todesstrafe geahndet werden. Das Gesetz richtet sich u.a. gegen antimilitaristische #Sabotage an Bahnlinien

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If you think a VPN provides anonymity, know that you can get access details without even needing a court order, it’s pretty routine in cybersecurity circles.

Quick thread. Starting point, ISPs sell or give customer Netflow data to security firms.

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